I want my cups and bowls to be used every day. I create shapes which are pleasing to the eye and hand, in profile and color, balance and function. When people enter my studio, I stand back and let them find what suits them best, whether the right shade of blue, the interface of glazes between rim and exterior, or the mug with the perfect handle for their hand. I love talking with people about my pottery and pulling out a hidden pot which was waiting just for them. 

I use a lot of color and though I have glaze combinations I have settled on, (such as yellow and turquoise with a turquoise-green rim), I'm always experimenting. I use red clay and a very white porcelain for their feel when throwing on the wheel and the interaction different clay bodies have upon the glazes. 

I like making the mug, cup or bowl you reach for every day, not gathering dust on the shelf nor too precious to be used.

rita cover 2-1.jpg